New beginnings

I’m just waking up and happy the Lord gave me another day to get it right, my bishop always says that. So I have a busy day but I’m slow to get moving, so many things to get done. I’m so grateful for a new day and new day that I’ve never seen before everyday you wake up is a new beginning, it’s so easy to get in the humdrum of day to day living but today was not promised to us. Someone had plans for today but didn’t wake up today so we have to be grateful for our lives. With things going in the direction it is in this world nothing is garanteed and we need to be thankful for everything in life in general. Soon as I open my eyes I give thanks it’s just a blessing and his grace and mercy makes me feel special. Don’t get stuck in the mundane daily life but but be thankful for new beginnings.

Published by you&meinc

I sell Avon & I'm a notary trying to get my signing agent certification trying to get a partnership with a friend of mine in a flea market to start I will be caretaking for my sister so it's important to time to do that I also work at Dr office & do taxes. I have 2 grown children & 2 grandchildren. I speak a little Spanish. I'm trying to give back love building up & not tearing down be my sister's keeper

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