My New Changes

I’m truly hoping to go to the next step for my non-for-profit organization, I’m also wanting to get my podcast going to get You & Me INC more public it’s an outreach for youth & domestic violence, I also want to work with breast cancer survivors. I want to refresh and give new hope, guidance and direction. My focus is for young women I do want to help young women to create small business techniques, credit history and how to properly invest. I want to have women to come speak with the women to teach about different apprenticeship programs, arts,crafts sewing & cooking even teach about how to grow produce. I would also like to incorporate scholarships and teaching about buying their first home or investment property or flipping. Have real estate agent to tell and get construction to help them understand how flipping works. I just want to give different routes to utilize to be successful. I’m praying to God to allow me to be a good role model and help women to understand that God will help in the their goals. I just want to be a light to help direct them.

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I sell Avon & I'm a notary trying to get my signing agent certification trying to get a partnership with a friend of mine in a flea market to start I will be caretaking for my sister so it's important to time to do that I also work at Dr office & do taxes. I have 2 grown children & 2 grandchildren. I speak a little Spanish. I'm trying to give back love building up & not tearing down be my sister's keeper

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