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Take up my cross

I’m really learning about myself and growing my trust with God. I have to get thick skinned know that people will come against you because there is something in myself they can’t figure out, but if God is for me who can be against me. I know it’s spiritual warfare and not a personal attack.Continue reading “Take up my cross”


So I’m needing to refocus myself, life gets busy and we get redirected. I know I’ve been guilty, but I’m just relaxing after a busy tax season then I’m about to have a procedure and been getting some medical appointments for self care. I have been trying to take care of some of my finicalContinue reading “Refocus”


I am so thankful of all my blessings it’s taken me awhile to get where I am today, but had I not went through. It’s been a journey and when the Lord puts it in my heart to write a book so be it. Short but sweet.

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